About Vertical Storage Solutions

Looking for high volume, high speed picking and heavy duty warehouse solutions?

Or maybe a small part storage solution?

A vertical lift is an automated storage and retrieval unit with trays inserted in the front and rear racks which are used to store product. When a part is selected, the extractor device brings a selected tray or item from the rack to a picker at a fixed point, therefore eliminating any bending, stretching or reaching for parts whilst increasing worker safety and improving efficiency.

Found in many leading companies, vertical storage systems increase storage density (of up to 90%), throughput, and material handling efficiency while reducing inventory losses and labour costs. They efficiently deliver product to the operator, yielding a low-floor-space way of storing, securing, and retrieving anything from small parts to fixtures and tools.

  • More storage capability within the same floor space
  • Faster preparation times, so improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Quick installation times
  • Significantly reduced picking and storage times

Vertical Storage Carousels are a series of rotating shelves that rotate in front of a pick window and are best suited for small parts storage and multiple handling solutions.

By maximising otherwise wasted valuable overhead space, carousels substantially reduce the floor area required by over 70% when compared to conventional storage systems.

As a standalone unit a carousel allows you to store large amounts of product which can only be access by authorized personel and added with a fire detection system if required.